Pinocchio remake by Disney and Blonde in the Golden Raspberry nominations

The organizers of the “Golden Raspberry” announced the list of nominees for the worst films for this year, with “Blonde” by Netflix becoming the “leader” among them.
The film about Marilyn Monroe, starring Ana de Armas, has eight nominations, including points about the production, screenplay, and so on. The situation turned out to be slightly better for the comedy Good Mourning by musical artist Machine Gun Kelly – it has seven positions.
In addition, the remake of “Pinocchio” with Tom Hanks from Disney was on the list, which collected six nominations. Hanks, by the way, got it for Elvis. The Golden Raspberry ceremony itself will take place shortly before the Oscars on March 11.

Worst Movie 

  • “Blonde”;
  • “Pinocchio”;
  • “Good mourning”;
  • “The Mermaid and the King’s Daughter”;
  • “Morbius”.

Worst Actor 

  • Machine Gan Kelly (“Good Mourning”);
  • Pete Davidson (“Marmaduke”);
  • Tom Hanks (“Pinocchio”);
  • Jared Leto (“Morbius”);
  • Sylvester Stallone (“Samaritan”).

Worst Actress

  • Ryan Kiera Armstrong (“Inflaming Eyes”);
  • Bryce Dallas Howard (“Jurassic World: Domination”);
  • Diane Keaton (“Mac and Rita”);
  • Kaya Scodelario (“The Mermaid and the King’s Daughter”);
  • Alicia Silverstone (“Requin”)

Worst remake/plagiarism/sequel

  • “Blonde”;
  • “365 days” (2 parts);
  • “Pinocchio”;
  • “Inflammatory look”;
  • “Jurassic World: Domination”.

Worst Supporting Actress

  • Adria Archona (“Morbius”);
  • Lorraine Bracco (“Pinocchio”);
  • Penelope Cruz (“Code 355”);
  • Fan Bingbing (“Code 355” and “The Mermaid and the King’s Daughter”);
  • Mira Sorvino (“Lamborghini: Man of Legend”).

Worst Supporting Actor

  • Pete Davidson (“Good Mourning”);
  • Tom Hanks (“Elvis”);
  • Xavier Samuel (“Blonde”);
  • Maud Sun (“Good Mourning”);
  • Evan Williams (“Blonde”).

Worst Screen Duo

  • Machine Gun Kelly and Maud Sun (“Good Mourning”);
  • Based on real people characters and the White House lodge scene (“Blonde”);
  • Tom Hanks with his “latex” face (and idiotic accent) (“Elvis”);
  • Andrew Dominik and his problems with women (“Blonde”);
  • 365 Days sequels (both appeared in 2022). 

Worst Director

  • Judd Apatow (“The Bubble”);
  • Machine Gun Kelly and Maud Sun (“Good Mourning”);
  • Andrew Dominic (“Blonde”);
  • Daniel Espinosa (“Morbius”);
  • Robert Zemeckis (Pinocchio)

Worst scenario

  • “Blonde”;
  • “Pinocchio”;
  • “Good mourning”;
  • “Jurassic World: Domination”;
  • “Morbius”.



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