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Pirates hacked Caribbean Legend – the Corsair remaster was protected with custom protection

The game Caribbean Legend was recently releasedfrom the Russian studio BlackMark . The game is a remaster of the game Corsairs: To Each His Own – a 200-hour RPG in an open world during the heyday of piracy in the Caribbean. The main character of the game, Charles de More, is a shark of high life and an amateur artist. More precisely, he was one before arriving in the New World – here he doesn’t have a penny.



Shortly before the game’s release, the developers added a mention of a certain Niknuvo protection in the game, which is apparently a humorous reference to the famous Austrian Denuvo protection . However, the protection turned out to be really quite problematic – the TENOKE group released a hack for the game, but it turned out to be inoperative – any action by the player triggered a trigger that put the pirate in prison, which made the hacked version of the game unplayable.


  • However, today the user Feel_Fried was able to disable the protection and fully hack the game – it is already available online. The game’s protection was able to last for 3 whole days, which is a pretty good result for a small studio’s own protection. Many users note that despite much simpler graphics, Caribbean Legend is still a much more attractive pirate project than Skull and Bones from Ubisoft , which was released almost simultaneously and receives devastating reviews from critics and players.


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