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Pixel 6a, what a problem: the fingerprint reader recognizes anyone and is therefore useless

The fingerprint reader of the new Google Pixel 6a has a problem: it can be unlocked with literally any finger, even unregistered ones.


What is a padlock that can be opened by any key? A basically nothing. Then you will understand how serious the mess that accompanied the launch of the new Google Pixel 6a is : according to many users, the fingerprint reader can be unlocked by anyone.

In the sense that it would not recognize as valid only the fingerprints registered by the user, but also all the others. Any attacker could unlock the phone simply by scanning his finger, even if this does not appear in the logs of the smartphone.

The good news is that the smartphone has yet to make its official debut. The new Google Pixel 6a will, in fact, be available exclusively starting from July 28th, that is, in two days. In theory, Google still has some time to fix the problem, assuming that the defect is due to the software and not the player itself. For the moment of the excessive permissiveness of the fingerprint reader, the many journalists and influencers who have had the phone on test in recent days have noticed it.

The Google Pixel 6a features a new fingerprint reader integrated under the screen. Google had advertised it by pointing out that it was much faster than the solution adopted on its older smartphones. She was up to her word, perhaps a little too much. Unlocking the phone using biometric data actually takes a fraction of a second, the problem is that you don’t even need to have the ‘right’ fingerprint to do so.


It is currently unclear whether Google is already working on a solution. However, it seems that the defect does not affect all units of the smartphone.


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