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Play “Tarkov”: Helldivers 2 developer refused to add PvP to the game

This week, players asked the head of Arrowhead Game Studios, Johan Pilestedt, about adding a PvP mode to Helldivers 2 . The head of the studio said that the game will never have a mode in which players will fight against each other.


The developer noted that PvP leads to an increase in toxicity among players, and Helldivers 2 preaches different principles and rules of the game.

We will “never” add a PvP mode. This is to reduce the amount of toxicity in the community. We want an atmosphere of support and fun to reign among the players, because we are fighting on the same side!

In response to Pilestedt’s comment, a user wrote that the creators of Helldivers 2 are afraid to add PvP to their game. The developer replied that this is not so, and there are plenty of PvP titles on the market. The head of Arrowhead Gam Studios advised Escape from Tarkov.

We are not afraid. We just don’t want to breed the toxicity that naturally comes with PvP. There are plenty of games that feature PvP—most of them, in fact.

We create games for people who just want to spend time with friends, but in a PvE environment. If you want PvP, then I recommend Escape from Tarkov.


Helldivers 2 is available on PC and PS5.


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