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PlayStation 5 Fan: Leaked Photos of Updated Model Surface Online

As we approach the anticipated announcement of the PlayStation 5 “Slim,” an increasing number of leaks are surfacing online. Recently, Twitter user MTown0411 shared multiple photos purportedly displaying the new PlayStation 5 model’s cooling fan, alongside a comparison with the current version’s fan.


Upon analyzing the provided images, it becomes evident that the disparities in fan size between the two models are negligible. This observation solidifies the notion that the updated PlayStation 5 won’t deviate significantly from the dimensions of its predecessor.

Furthermore, insider Tom Henderson has disclosed that Sony intends to market the revised PlayStation 5 as an enhanced iteration rather than a Slim variant. Henderson has indicated that the console will incorporate a detachable drive and is slated for release later this month. By the close of 2023, it is anticipated to completely supplant the current model, available in both disc-based and disc-free versions.

These revelations intensify the anticipation surrounding the forthcoming PlayStation 5 iteration. As leaks continue to trickle in, gamers worldwide are eager to uncover more about the enhancements and innovations this updated console may bring.

Transitioning to the hardware aspects, the cooling system of any gaming console is a critical component, ensuring optimal performance during extended gaming sessions. The leaked images offer a sneak peek into the intricacies of this system, hinting at potential improvements.

While the size similarity between the fans suggests a maintenance of form factor, it remains to be seen what other internal and external alterations Sony has in store. Gamers and enthusiasts alike are poised for further leaks and, ultimately, the official unveiling, which promises to be an exciting moment for the gaming community.


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