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PlayStation 6, next-gen Xbox and other consoles will see smaller performance gains or higher prices

Future consoles like the PlayStation 6 and next-gen Xbox will either have smaller performance gains or significantly higher prices compared to their predecessors for several reasons, as recently stated by a prominent AMD insider .


Commenting on the words of Sony COO Hiroki Totoki that in the later stages of the PlayStation 5 life cycle it is more difficult to increase profits compared to previous generations due to rising component costs, well-known AMD insider Kepler said that the situation will only get worse in the future.

Chip costs have remained constant throughout the FinFET era, and should rise with the transition to GAAFET/CFET, which effectively means the end of savings by simply reducing die size. Accordingly, future consoles will either show less and less performance gain in order to maintain price, or their cost will increase significantly.

Kepler’s comments about future consoles like the PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox are quite realistic, especially given the rumors about the new console from Microsoft, which will supposedly come in two versions, one of them portable, which is clearly less powerful than the main one.

As for Sony’s next console, it’s rumored to be the most powerful console of its generation , so it’ll be interesting to see how Sony balances the system’s price against its capabilities.



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