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PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium: one of the free games of August unveiled by a leaker


The well-known leaker billbill-kun has unveiled one of the possible free games of August 2022 that will be added to the catalog of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium titles. This is Ghost Recon: Wildlands .

A small bonus for those who will be able to read this comment within another topic: there will also be Ghost Recon Wildlands among the Ubisoft + games in the Extra catalog in August, ”said the leaker.

For the uninitiated, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands  is a title that has made a major impact within the franchise as it was the first title to be based on a true expanded open world, providing the player with considerable freedom to movement and action. In the game it is in fact possible to decide how to reach the objectives of the map and which approach to follow, following alternative paths that can affect the progress of the mission.

We also remind you that billbill-kun is known for having correctly anticipated all the recent additions to the PlayStation Plus catalog , including free games in this month’s Essential tier. At the moment, the Extra and Premium catalog titles have not yet been announced. We will most likely know more between the end of this week and the beginning of the next.




  • PS Plus Extra August Lineup to Add Ghost Recon Wildlands as Part of Ubisoft +, Leaker Claims (


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