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PlayStation Stars: Everything you need to know about Sony’s loyalty program


After having renewed, in the formula and in the cut, its historic PlayStation Plus service, Sony is preparing to launch a new service that will certainly delight the PlayStation community and all those tireless trophy hunters who have made this activity secondary a real passion. 

With a new post appeared on the PlayStation Blog , Sony has announced the birth of PlayStation Stars, its new loyalty program with which it intends to reward and celebrate its players and their journey within the world of gaming. This is an initiative that will allow users to earn credit to spend on the PS Store, prizes and bonuses of various kinds. 

Over the years the company has always tried to propose community events and challenges to reward the most loyal fans, but it is the first time that we see the launch of an initiative aimed at rewarding users with real rewards through the accumulation of loyalty points. 

So let’s find out everything there is to know about the new PlayStation Stars , including details, features and benefits offered. 

 How to get loyalty points 


PlayStation Stars will launch for free by 2022. Once you’ve signed up, we can immediately start earning rewards by completing certain activities and campaigns.  

These will allow us to obtain prizes by completing different types of challenges, which will require, for example, to win tournaments, conquer specific trophies or even become the first player to platinum a successful title in their local time zone. With the “ Monthly Check-in “ campaign , for example, we will be able to secure a prize simply by playing any title in our library. 

Like other loyalty programs, the operation of PlayStation Stars is based on the collection of points.

We will be able to spend our loyalty points  to redeem PSN wallet funds or select PlayStation Store products. In addition, if we are also a PlayStation  Plus member, we will automatically earn additional points for every digital purchase made on the PlayStation Store. 

But that’s not all: among the various prizes made available to PlayStation Stars subscribers, there are also digital collectibles , i.e. digital representations of statuettes of famous and beloved characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as devices inspired by history. of Sony innovation. The company ensures that there will always be a new collectible to obtain, an extremely rare one to aspire to or something surprising to collect just for fun. 

The nature of these objects could immediately make us think of a sort of NFT produced by Sony, however the company has made it clear that this is absolutely not the case: the digital rewards we will receive, in fact, cannot be sold or exchanged. Collectables are not based on blockchain technology and therefore cannot be considered NFTs. Simply once received they will remain in our possession to give life to a sort of collection, but nothing more.

After launch, the loyalty program will continue to evolve by offering different types of campaigns and new digital rewards. At the moment, Sony is carrying out the first tests of PlayStation Stars before the launch, which will vary according to the region of residence. 

From Microsoft Rewards to PlayStation Stars

To be honest, Sony isn’t the first gaming company to introduce a reward system to build user loyalty to the brand. Just think, first of all to Nintendo which for years has been offering various loyalty programs, such as My Nintendo which allows you to accumulate points and redeem prizes or to the Redmond house with its Microsoft Rewards , a program very similar in conception to what is proposed by PlayStation Stars, but with some substantial differences.

For the uninitiated, Microsoft Rewards allows users to accumulate points by searching with Bing and using their Microsoft account. Well, both in the case of Microsoft Rewards and PlayStation Stars the goal is always to reward users by completing certain activities, with the only difference that in the case of the second both the objectives and the prizes obviously remain anchored to the gaming and more specifically the PlayStation world. Not to mention that Microsoft Rewards was also born with the aim of increasing the use of its two search engines Bing and Edge . 

In any case, according to the information released by Sony, with PlayStation Stars we will be able to redeem the points by obtaining mainly games, whether with the acquisition through the catalog or with wallet funds.

At this point, it remains more to understand what the offer will be in terms of redeemable titles (in the post it is expressly mentioned that there will be a specific catalog) and how many points will be required to obtain them .. The basic idea is that it will be much more difficult to be able to redeem rewards than Microsoft Rewards, where you can get rewards very quickly just by spending a handful of hours on various activities. Obviously, it is still too early to be able to venture even a hypothesis about what will be the management of the points-rewards system, what is certain is that the loyalty program remains a decidedly interesting addition to the PlayStation ecosystem. Maybe it arrived a little late, but still very welcome for the possibilities it could offer to players in terms of savings and fun.  

Sony has promised to bring us new information on the service in the coming weeks and we certainly can’t wait to find out more about what the new PlayStation Stars can offer. 


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