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PlayStation will not release major games based on existing franchises until March 31, 2025

In a call with investors after the publication of the quarterly report, Sony Group President Hiroki Totoki said that PlayStation does not plan to release major titles based on existing franchises until the end of March 2025.


Totoki stated that major PlayStation brand games are currently in active development. In other words, the sequel to Death Stranding and new parts of the conditional Spider-Man and God of War will appear no earlier than April 2025.

This does not mean that there will be no games at all. Most likely, Sony will sign contracts for timed exclusives, release new IP, small projects, as well as remakes and remasters. Perhaps a couple of service titles will be launched in the coming year.

Totoki said that PlayStation continues to make high-quality titles and game services.

Against this background, the head of the Sony Group added that the company expects a decline in sales of exclusive games for PlayStation consoles. The same applies to forecasts for device sales. The gradual growth of the PS5 base and audience engagement will be driven by third-party games.



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