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Polium One: the console for games on blockchain will be released in 2024


It’s called Polium One and it’s the first console designed for blockchain-based video games . Or rather, it will be, because for the moment there is only one render and nothing more. The announcement of the console has already raised more than a few controversies and just as many teasing – trivially because today it is not that there are who knows how many successful video games with cryptocurrencies.

The company, however, puts its hands in front and defends itself from any accusation of fraud: “we will not accept pre-orders until we are able to show you a working prototype”, they promise.

The project is ambitious. The console has the appearance of a small box and is a little reminiscent of the Mac Mini, yet its developers speak of cutting-edge performance: when it comes out it will support 8K resolution, fixed 120fps and ray-tracing . Which is more than the Series X and PS5 offer to date.

But when will it come out? This will be discussed in 2024, if all goes smoothly. Which is saying something, considering that practically every attempt to create an alternative console to the proposals of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft has encountered more than a few obstacles (a euphemism …) in recent years.

The console will support different blockchains and will integrate some functions dedicated to trading and staking of cryptocurrencies and NFTs .


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