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Popular roguelike Dead Cells is getting its final major update after years of support.

It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the award-winning indie roguelike Dead Cells. While it was previously known that Update 35 would be a major update, Motion Twin has just announced that it will be the last major content patch for the game.


In the latest blog post on Steam, the developers said:

Update 35 for Dead Cells marks the end of our creative journey with the game.

Since leaving early access in 2018, Dead Cells has received dozens of major updates, one free expansion and four paid ones. In 2019, Motion Twin dedicated a small satellite studio, Evil Twin, to support the project, but its grip appears to have weakened.

An incredible five years of collaboration in creating content for the game as a service has come to an end, Evil Empire will now look to new adventures and we can’t wait for their new projects. The decision comes after deep consideration, especially in light of the overwhelming success of last year’s Return to Castlevania expansion.

The studio itself was afraid of falling into the trap of generating “more of the same,” so it became increasingly difficult for it to come up with revolutionary features with such an extensive backlog of content in recent years.


With 10 million sales since release, Dead Cells has become the cornerstone of Motion Twin’s success, and it’s no surprise that the universe will continue to evolve:

Get ready for news about an anime series, a board game and… A headless hero in another world?!

However, this move was expected long before the announcement. After all, Update 35 is called The End is Nigh, and just recently Motion Twin introduced a completely new game – not Dead Cells 2, but the 3D action platformer Windblown.

Imagine Dead Cells, after a dozen energy drinks, crashing into a 3D button. We thought: what if we created an insanely fast game? To ridiculous extents.

A release date for Update 35 for Dead Cells has not yet been set. The update is currently in alpha testing and will add a handful of weapons, items, and changes to the game’s content.


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