PriceRunner, over 2 billion euros in lawsuit against Google: “The monopoly is not over”


PriceRunner , a Swedish comparison service, has announced that it has sued Google for a total of 2.1 billion euros following the European Union court confirmed that the company has violated some antitrust rules.

This is a decision that comes after Google faced a € 2.42 billion fine in November, as reported on the pages of Engadget , following its favoring its shopping comparison services over those of its competitors.

Find below the statement from Mikael Lindahl , CEO of PriceRunner:

We are looking for compensation for the damages that Google has caused us over the years, but we also see this lawsuit as a struggle for all customers who have suffered from the company’s infractions of competition laws for the past 14 years and still today. today.

According to PriceRunner, the giant is in a real monopoly position in Europe, and apparently it may still not be fully in compliance with all the regulations of the commission, despite the adjustments made following all the lawsuits concerning this topic. . All this would lie in the fact that its offer overrides that of other services, which causes damage to consumers.


Mikael Lindahl went on to specify that:

As the breaches are still ongoing, the increase in damage continues to increase every day, we expect the final amount of the lawsuit to be significantly higher as well.

After Google has therefore tried to defend itself from the decision of the European Union with a further appeal, now the company will have to defend itself from a case that is far from indifferent, which will certainly involve other costs to be incurred in court .



  • Google hit with $ 2.4 billion lawsuit in Europe for favoring its own shopping service (Engadget)


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