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Prices for Nvidia video cards soared in Asia due to export restrictions and reseller markups

The GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card has seen insane price increases in Asian markets, with markups reaching 60% of the recommended price in some countries. This rise in prices is facilitated by recently introduced US restrictions on the export of the RTX 4090 model to China and Hong Kong, as well as the desire of resellers to make huge profits.


In digital shopping malls in Taiwan and South Korea, shoppers are snapping up 4090 graphics cards for $2,500 in cash. They are then smuggled to China and Hong Kong, where prices reach $5,000—three times the recommended price from Nvidia. The same schemes are used in Singapore and Vietnam.

They know that China is willing to pay any money for these cards. Therefore, they buy them at local markets and then resell them for triple the price.

The rush has led to a shortage of supply. Guanghua merchants are forced to sell the RTX 4090 only as part of complete gaming PCs. However, businessmen began to buy entire computers in order to extract video cards from them, demonstrating their high speculative potential.

According to black brokers from Shenzhen, they can deliver a batch of RTX 4090 within 3-4 days, despite trade bans. And the owner of an AI startup from Hong Kong said in an interview that they have to use the same gray schemes just to continue working.

US authorities hope that export restrictions will slow down the development of AI in China. However, so far the main result has been a jump in prices for video cards and the joy of black brokers. Analysts predict continued rush demand until supplies stabilize.


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