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Probably the new iPhone 14 will arrive punctually in September, without delays


The latest conference call dedicated to Apple’s financial results reassured fans. The new iPhone 14 ? They will probably arrive with perfect punctuality , without hitches and delays of any kind.

First it was the turn of the new iPhone 14 Max, the new line of new smartphones that – according to rumors – will make its debut for the first time in September. “There are problems with suppliers, it will come later than the other three iPhones,” some tipster had insinuated . Then a more general problem with the main camera lenses of the new iPhones. “They do not meet Apple’s quality standards, the company was forced to switch suppliers.” And here too, yet another omen that something was not going the right way .

But apparently things would be quieter than we imagined. Two years ago, during the conference call dedicated to the financial performance of Q2 2020, Tim Cook had made it clear to investors that the launch of the iPhone 12 would be accompanied by several problems.

Yet this week, when communicating the results of Q2 2022 , both Tim Cook and Luca Maestri were silent. No reference to possible delays or hitches in the supply chain . According to analysts, if there had been any problems, the issue would undoubtedly have emerged during the conference call. The integrity of the company is at stake. Information of this type cannot be omitted.

A fortiori, there is currently no reason to doubt that Apple is able to meet the usual deadlines . The launch of the new iPhone 14 is expected for the second week of September. All that remains is to wait.



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