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PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade may be rated ‘mature’ due to nudity and violence

Upcoming PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade will receive a mature rating due to the presence of nudity and violence, according to reports.


Last week, Korean publication¬†This Is Game¬†reported that the country’s ratings agency would categorize Stellar Blade, which is being developed in Korea, as “adults only.” In other words, according to the agency, the PS5 action game is not suitable for teenagers.

The reasons are seen in two aspects. Firstly, there are a lot of naked female characters in the game. For those who have seen Stellar Blade gameplay, this will hardly come as a surprise.

Secondly, the game will feature a lot of bloody violence and severed limbs. Again, nothing surprising for those who watched the heroine cut through enemies with a huge sword.

The network suggests that the American ESRB will also assign the game an “M” rating – for adults only. Although there is no official confirmation yet.


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