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PS5 Pro will be positioned as a 4K and 120 FPS console – improving performance will require minimal effort from developers

The PlayStation 5 Pro will be introduced as a 4K gaming console at 120 FPS thanks to improved performance and AI upscaling, which Sony has been working on for some time, according to another round of rumors online.



In a new video from Moore’s Law is Dead, NXGamer’s Michael confirmed that several anonymous sources have revealed that the upcoming update will use some kind of AI upscaling along the lines of NVIDIA’s DLSS, which has been in the works for some time. This, combined with improvements over the base model, will allow Sony to position the system as a console for gaming in 4K at 120 frames per second.

While it won’t be a native 4K resolution, it won’t be difficult for the company to present it as such since upscaling and image reconstruction technologies are widely used in the industry these days, unlike in 2016 when PS4 Pro checkerboard rendering was one of the few technologies available to consumers reconstruction.



Exactly how AI upscaling will work on the PlayStation 5 Pro is still unknown, but according to NXGamer’s Michael, it will likely require some work from developers to implement. On the other hand, performance improvements likely won’t require much effort from developers, especially for games that already have different quality settings. The fact that most PlayStation 5 exclusive games have such modes is a very good indicator of this, since in-house studios need to be aware of Sony’s plans and create games with a margin for the future, so to speak.


As usual, we still shouldn’t take our word for it, so we’re waiting for the official announcement. According to the latest insiders, the PS5 Pro will be released before the end of the year, so the model will be presented in the coming months.


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