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PUBG Mobile will host a virtual BLACKPINK concert

From today the new PUBG Mobile Update 2.1 is available, which will bring the stars of K-pop Blackpink into the virtual world with the show “The Virtual”, the first ever in-game concert for PUBG Mobile.

Version 2.1 of the update also includes a new game mode called Ancient Secret: Arise and adds new cosmetics thanks to Cycle 3 Season 7 and Royale Pass 13.


The Blackpinks on PUBG Mobile

World famous K – Pop group Blackpink will make their epic and highly anticipated return to PUBG Mobile. Having already teamed up with the game in the past, they are ready to move to the next level, performing in PUBG Mobile’s first in-game gig. Fans will have two opportunities to see Blackpink perform some of their biggest hits and admire their in-game idols .

The event will take place from 22 to 23 July and from 29 to 30 July in North and South America, and from 23 to 24 July and from 30 to 31 July in the rest of the world . Fans will also be able to obtain in-game custom costumes that the group will wear during their performance. The outfits will be available to players starting July 23 through August 31. Players can secure free in-game tickets starting July 15 and pre-load the Concert Resource Pack the next day, which is required to attend the concert.

PUBG Mobile will host a virtual BLACKPINK concert

How to get Scarab Charms in Ancient Secret: Arise

The bright lights will soon be replaced by dusty sandstorms with the arrival of the new themed game mode, Ancient Secret: Arise . Entering the themed maps of Erangel, Miramar or Livik Ranked mode, you will experience the furious Sandstorm Zone, ready to change randomly at the beginning of each match. Players brave enough to venture into this area will be rewarded with Scarab Charms , which can be used to return to the battlefield after being defeated , only once per game.

Players can also traverse the Quicksand Path to enter the Emperor’s Temple, move the Sand Giant, and climb the Ancient Secret to reveal the Pharaoh’s loot. By looting the area or fighting an ancient enemy , Primordial Water can be obtained, which allows players to recover all health and energy.


There are also several Scarab Ruins and Jackal Ruins on the battlefield. By solving their puzzles or defeating the mummified guardian, players will earn valuable rewards. It will also be possible to find, in random places on the map, the Merchants of the Desert, whose supplies can be purchased with incredible discounts. Finally, you can find Scorpion Crates full of supplies throughout the map.

PUBG Mobile will host a virtual BLACKPINK concert

All the news of Cycle 3 Season 7

PUBG MOBILE update 2.1 also introduces Cycle 3 Season 7, with a new set of Legendary items, a new Season Bonus Points Card and a Rating Protection Card, allowing players to earn extra points from matches and protect their current seasonal rating. Ancient Secret: Arise players can also complete themed story missions to unlock special titles.

New content was also released as part of Royale Pass Month 13: Exo-Genesis, starting July 19, with rewards including new decorations for the Mini14 and M762. In this Month of the Royale Pass, players can also exchange a Wingman decoration at a 90% discount and get a Moments card, complete missions to purchase RP points at a reduced price if they have reached RP Rank 50 and earn a free Voucher from 60 CU.


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