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Public version of PS5 firmware has been released with improvements to the DualSense speaker and microphone

After more than a month of testing, Sony released a public version of the PlayStation 5 system update. The key change in the update was the improvement of the built-in DualSense speaker and microphone.



The speaker is now louder, allowing you to hear in-game sounds and voice chat clearly. The microphone has been improved with noise reduction using AI. Now third-party sounds such as button presses and game sounds do not pass through the microphone.


The “Screen sharing” option now has interactive features. Players can now leave pointers and emojis on the screen. In this way you can help the player or react to his actions.



In the PS5 settings, there is now an option to adjust the brightness of the console backlight. Available options: bright, medium and dim. Exactly the same options are available for the DualSense gamepad.


Before the end of March, Sony will release an update to the PS App mobile app that will add interactive functionality to the Screen Sharing option


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