Putin’s girlfriend is on that list

After the oligarchs, the US included the former rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva, who is the lover of Russian President Putin, on the list of sanctions. Last June, EU countries imposed travel and asset restrictions on Kabaeva.

The USA announced new sanctions against some people , including Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘s girlfriend Alina Kabaeva. The US Treasury Department has frozen the visa and imposed property restrictions on Kabaeva, 39, a former rhythmic gymnastics Olympic champion. A former member of the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, Kabaeva is also the head of a Russian national media company that supports Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.



Britain Began To Impose Sanctions on Kabaeva last May, and the European Union imposed travel and asset restrictions on Kabaeva in June. Others sanctioned include oligarch Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev, owner of the 25-bedroom Witanhurst estate, considered the second largest in London after Buckingham Palace. The US also sanctioned Guryev’s $120 million Alfa Nero yacht and his son Andrey Andrevic Guryev.


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