‘Qass’ operation with siha in Karabakh from Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan announced yesterday that the illegal Armenian detachment members in the Lachin region, where the Russian peacekeeping unit was temporarily deployed, opened intense fire on the Azeri positions and an Azerbaijani soldier was killed.

While The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the attack as “evidence that Armenia did not fulfill its obligations under the tripartite declaration of 10 November 2020”, the army responded with an operation against the attack of Armenian Groups. The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan shared the images of the moment when the Armenian positions were hit by SİHAs (armed unmanned aerial vehicle) in the operation called “Kısas” carried out against the terrorist activities of illegally armed Armenian groups.


As a result of the operation, it was recorded that an Armenian artillery battalion and outpost were destroyed, and a number of strategic hills in the Karabakh region were captured. The Armenian side blamed Azerbaijan. “We call on the international community to take measures to stop the aggressive actions and attitudes of Azerbaijan,” the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement. Moscow, which supports Yerevan, accused Azerbaijan of “violating the ceasefire” and stated that “Russian forces stationed in the region are trying to maintain stability”.


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