Recurring nightmares: stress disorder


From the University of Düsseldorf, a recent study analyzed patients suffering from anxiety. Thus were discovered the various themes that are repeated in the dreams of people who have anxiety disorders . Here are the three recurring themes: more emotionally intense dreams, more high-speed images and dreaming of a former partner.

The intent of the study is to analyze the peculiarities of dreams of people with anxiety disorders in comparison with those of healthy people. The study participants were divided into two groups: 38 people with clinical anxiety disorders and 38 healthy people. In all, individual dreams, questionnaires, dream diaries were checked. The researchers found that some dream topics were recurring among people with anxiety disorders.

Here are the nightmares: dreaming of an ex partner, of being chased, physically attacked, being blocked by fear or the death of loved ones. On the other hand also negative feelings such as anger, anxiety, sadness and fear. In short, for those suffering from anxiety, the nightmare continues even in dreams. Stress and anxiety are sleep disturbances and can present in REM sleep with recurring nightmares . Furthermore, the dream content of anxious people is very different from that of healthy people.

Our brain continues to work even at night. Sleep takes up one third of life and dreams 25% of rest. If we dedicate one twelfth of our life to dreaming, then dreams become important for psychological balance . Dreams feed on our personal feelings and experiences. Here, those who suffer from pathological anxiety have a contrasting relationship with sleep and can often suffer from nightmares. The interpretation of such nightmares serves to recover the lost psychological well-being.

  • Do you have recurring nightmares? It could be a stress disorder (


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