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Remedy bought the rights to the Control franchise from 505 Games

Remedy Entertainment announced an agreement with 505 Games, under which the Finnish studio will buy the rights to the Control franchise from the publisher. Thus, Remedy will have full rights to Control, Control 2 and other brand products.



The transaction amount was 17 million euros. 505 Games invested this amount in the development of Control 2 and the co-op shooter Condor in the universe. Remedy notes that due to “certain accounts receivable,” the actual amount it will pay will be less than €17 million.


505 remains the publisher of the original Control until December 31st of this year.



Remedy noted that it is still exploring what to do next with the Control franchise. The studio could publish the games independently or find a new publishing partner.


We are in a better negotiating position than before because Control is an established brand and Alan Wake 2 was a success. We are confident that the combination of these factors will allow us to find the right partner, transaction structure and risk/reward profile that will benefit Remedy and best suit the Control franchise. We will be evaluating and negotiating with potential future partners over the coming months.


Previously, Remedy stated that sales of Alan Wake 2 since its release amounted to 1.3 million copies. It is Remedy’s fastest-selling game.


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