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Researchers unveil Devin, the first AI software engineer

Nearly two years after it began, the inexorable evolution of AI shows no signs of slowing down—artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly capable of performing a growing number of non-mechanical tasks previously performed exclusively by humans. Software developers recently joined the list of jobs that could soon be replaced by robots with the introduction of Devin, Cognition’s first AI software engineer. True, for now it looks like just another AI for creating simple landing pages.



Described by developers as a “tireless, skilled teammate,” Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks, make thousands of decisions, recall relevant context, learn over time, and fix errors in code. In addition, it is equipped with common developer tools such as a shell, code editor, and browser, allowing it to solve engineering problems autonomously.

According to Cognition’s announcement, the list of AI capabilities includes learning new technologies, building and deploying applications from start to finish, detecting and fixing bugs in codebases, contributing to established production repositories, and training and fine-tuning proprietary AI models.



When evaluated on the SWE-Bench, which asks AI to solve GitHub issues found in real open source projects, Devin correctly solves 13.86% of problems without assistance, far outperforming the previous state-of-the-art model with 1.96% performance without assistance. 4.80% with help. We even tried giving Devin real jobs on Upwork and he was able to complete them too!

On Twitter, the reaction from real software engineers was exactly what you’d expect, with many expressing concern about the possibility of machine replacement and questioning the industry’s rapid growth.


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