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Resident Evil Village: PS VR 2 version coming soon

Resident Evil: Village , the acclaimed eighth installment of the series, will also have a version for PS VR 2 . The announcement came during the State of Play where a short trailer was also shown showing some sequences of the game in the virtual reality version.

Capcom talks about a version created to offer players an even more immersive experience and capable of taking advantage of all the features of the PlayStation VR 2 viewer, such as 4K graphics, the eye tracking system and 3D audio. In addition, the team confirms that Resident Evil Village VR will also support PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers: each controller will be able to control each hand independently. The player will thus be able to perform dynamic actions, such as opening fire while holding a knife with the other hand, or firing a pistol and a shotgun simultaneously.

We remind you that at the moment the PS VR 2 version of Resident Evil Village does not yet have a release date . However, Capcom has guaranteed that it will soon reveal new information.

  • Resident Evil Village – PlayStation VR2 Preview Trailer (


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