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Resident Evil: Village shown on iPhone 15 Pro Max – gameplay and testing


Today, reviews of the iPhone 15 appeared. At the same time, the author of the YouTube channel Geek Culture released a video with game tests of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, where, among other things, he demonstrated the work of a preview build of the mobile port of Resident Evil: Village on the new flagship Apple smartphone.

  • The game uses 3.6 GB of RAM out of the available 5.8 GB. Graphics settings cannot be changed. The set resolution is 1560×720 pixels, the frame rate is limited to 30 FPS.
  • Before testing began, the smartphone was charged to the maximum value, and the heating was about 25-29 degrees at the back of the case and about 30 degrees at the screen. 10 minutes after starting the game the battery was still at 100%
  • After about half an hour of playing, the smartphone warmed up to somewhere around 35-39 degrees , depending on the location of the case, and the battery was discharged to 96% .
  • The game works very well, cutscenes run very smoothly, and the smartphone itself copes well with heating – after 20-30 minutes the case was not very hot to the touch.
  • Touch control is supported, but it is more convenient to play with a controller, such as the DualSense from PlayStation 5.

Resident Evil: Village will be released on iPhone 15 Pro before the end of this year. The port will also receive a remake of Resident Evil 4 .


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