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Resident Evil Village, third person mode announced and other news

On the occasion of the Capcom Showcase tonight, Capcom announced the arrival of the third person mode for Resident Evil Village and other news related to the Mercenaries mode. Starting October 28, 2022, with the arrival of the Shadow of Rose DLC, players will be able to immerse themselves in the nightmare of Ethan Winters from another perspective and with a third-person view.

But that’s not all: the arrival of the Additional Orders package for the Mercenaries mode will introduce three new playable characters, namely Chris Redfield ,  Karl Heisenberg  and  Alcina Dimitrescu , each with unique characteristics.

We also specify that these three contents will be included in the Gold Edition of the game , which will also be available starting from October 28th. We remind you that the Shadow of Rose DLC was presented tonight with a trailer and will allow us to play the role of Rose, the daughter of Ethan Winters. Now grown up and possessing strange powers, Rose will find herself investigating her own nature, ending up running into a dangerous threat inside Lady Dimitrescu’s castle.



  • Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – Announcement Trailer  (


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