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Respawn’s The Mandalorian Game Is Canceled, But EA’s Star Wars Strategy Game Is Still in Development

Last week, EA announced painful news – the company laid off almost 700 employees and canceled an unannounced Mandalorian game. But, fortunately, not everything is so terrible.



In total, EA announced layoffs of 5% of its staff, including the closure of Battlefield studio Ridgeline Games, the cancellation of Respawn’s Star Wars first-person shooter (presumably about The Mandalorian), and the withdrawal of games from licensed franchises. Although this is not entirely true: EA will still release a third Jedi game, as well as projects on Iron Man and Black Panther.


And as the development studio Bit Reactor itself confirmed, the Star Wars strategy game, published by EA, also continues to be developed.



The industry has gone through some tough times this past week, especially due to our strong ties to other teams at Respawn. But for those asking, we are still working hard and our game was not affected by last week’s news.


That’s all the studio has said, likely because the game hasn’t been officially announced yet. But judging by the confirmation, development has already gone far enough that EA did not cancel it.


A Star Wars game from Bit Reactor and Respawn has been announced for 2022. Respawn has also confirmed the development of a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and a mystery first-person shooter. While it’s a shame that the latter was cancelled, continuing to strategize means the situation could have been worse.


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