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Returnal: PC version coming? The game appeared on Steam


Is the PC version of Returnal coming? To suggest it would be a list in the Steam database  . The SteamDB site has in fact registered the presence of a new product called with the code name ” Oregon “. By accessing the page dedicated to the game and visiting the “History” section, it is possible to find in the list of changes a series of rather clear references to Returnal, such as ” Tower of Sisyphus ” and ” Atropos “, both locations that are part of the game universe .

But that’s not all because in the tags we also find terms that seem to refer once again to Returnal such as “Third-Person Shoot”, “Sci-Fi”, “Rogue-like”, “Shooter”, “Female Protagonist” and “Third Person ”, just to name a few

At the moment no official information has been released about it, so we advise you to take what is reported with a grain of salt as always. The fact is that Returnal would certainly not be the first PS5 exclusive to land in the PC ecosystem, think for example of Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Days Gone and the Uncharted saga.

In short, it seems that all the clues confirm the arrival of a PC version of Returnal in the near future. To know for sure, however, we just have to wait for an official communication from Housemarque.




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