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Robert Downey Jr. wanted to play Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s first Batman

Robert Downey Jr. told a funny story about how he almost starred in Batman Begins as the Scarecrow. According to the actor, he even met with Christopher Nolan to discuss his participation in the film, but nothing came of it in the end:


I was sure that I heard: “There is such a role as the Scarecrow,” and I thought: “Pshh, so it’s me, the Scarecrow.” I remember meeting [Nolan] for tea and I thought, “He doesn’t seem like he’s really in the mood for this interview.”

He was polite and all that, but I mean, he was kind of telling me, “This role isn’t right for you.”

As a result, the role of the Scarecrow was given to Cillian Murphy, who was little known in those years. Christopher Nolan later recalled that he had to insist on Killian’s participation, since he considered his acting to be very weak.


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