‘Rojen’ and ‘Polarnet’ crossed the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

Ships loaded with grain from Ukraine, Rojen and Polarnet, took action after stopping for inspection in Istanbul. While Rojen, one of the ships displayed on the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, was moving to England, Polarnet made its way towards Kocaeli Derince.

After The Inspections Were Completed, The Maltese-Flagged Rojen with 13 thousand tons of corn and the Turkish-flagged Polarnet, which will go to Derince, which brought 12 thousand tons of corn, departed from Ukraine. The Ships Reached The Black Sea Coast In Istanbul yesterday evening and anchored in the area allocated to them. The ship Rojen, which was inspected by the Joint Coordination Center, passed through the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge at 14:52 and sailed towards England. The ship named Polarnet passed through the Sultan Mehmet Bridge at 17.20 and went to Derince.



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