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Roskomnadzor has included “Steam Communities” in the register of prohibited sites, but it will not be blocked in Russia




It looks like the site has been updated and steam is no longer in the registry:




The Russian regulator Roskomnadzor has added the “Steam Communities” page to the unified register of prohibited sites. However, as a source in the department told Sota, a decision was made not to block the resource.


According to the source, a warning was sent to the Steam administration about the presence of some content that required removal. The fact that such a notification was sent was reflected by the inclusion of the resource in the list. Currently, the specified content has been removed, however, the registry itself has not yet been updated.

At the same time, inclusion in the registry does not mean blocking: a resource, even if the content is not removed, can be left in limbo, only by forcing search engines to mark it as violating the laws of the Russian Federation – this happens if the resource is significant or for other reasons it is impossible to ban it.


According to rumors, the reason RKN turned to Steam could be the presence of 18+ content, in particular mods for games that were available to minor users. However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed.



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