Russia issues note for Neonazi attack on Germany

Russia gave a note to the German Foreign Ministry for the attack on the Soviet Union monument and cemetery in Germany.

In Werneuchen, Germany , there was a reaction from Russia To The Attack By Neonazi Groups On The Monument to the Soviet Union and the cemetery built in the name of those who died in the second world war . The Russian Embassy in Berlin announced that a note was given to Germany regarding the attack, saying, “The terrible attacks on the Soviet Union monuments and graves in Germany continue. Finally, an attack was carried out on the Soviet Union monument and cemetery in Werneuchen, Germany. This ugly act “We see it as a mocking disrespect to the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives to incite ethnic hatred and save the world and Europe from Nazism,” the statement said.


In the continuation of the statement, stating that a protest note was given to Germany regarding the attack, a protest note was given to the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, demanding that comprehensive measures be taken to determine the circumstances of the incident, the perpetrators to be held accountable, and the security of the monument in accordance with the Russian-German War Graves Agreement of 16 December 1992. ‘ expressions were used.

On the other hand, in the statement made by the police headquarters of the city of Werneuchen, it was announced that an operation was started to identify the people who carried out mocking attacks on the monument and that people were investigated from the security camera footage.


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