Russia: “Latvian MPs must end their provocations”

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mariya Zakharova said that after Russia was declared a “country that supports terrorism” in the Latvian parliament, “Latvian deputies must end their provocations”.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mariya Zakharova made a statement after the Latvian parliament deputies included Russia in the category of “country that supports terrorism” . Zaharova criticizes the decision taken by the Latvian deputies, saying, “Latvian deputies should put an end to such provocations and focus primarily on the interests of their country and its citizens. The arrogant and confident decisions of some objectionable countries coincide with the long-followed path of the collective west to change the universal norms and principles of international law.” used.


At the last meeting held in the Latvian parliament, decisions were taken to include Russia in the category of countries that support terrorism, to increase sanctions against Russia and Belarus, to restrict visas to Belarusian and Russian citizens, and to provide financial, military, humanitarian and diplomatic support to Ukraine. was enacted.


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