Russia sued Apple for the first time


After unleashing the war against Ukraine, having subsequently had to deal with decisions of multiple multinational companies that have decided to end support for Russia , the country has recently chosen to sue Apple , the Cupertino giant that has he will apparently have to fight a legal battle following what has happened.

We are talking specifically about an event that does not have much to do with the war, since it is an inaccurate management with regard to the Russian plans and rules regarding the data that the company obtains from users, who in fact apparently they should be located and provided to the state in a more precise way, with Apple not therefore respecting the various regulations of the country.

However, it must be said that it is certainly strange that Russia has decided to unleash a similar type of legal battle just since Apple stopped the sale of new devices following the outbreak of the war, and while the giant is still supporting the devices that users have had the opportunity to buy before the outbreak of the event, it is to say that everything may not last much longer. The company seems increasingly ready to withdraw from the country , while Russia’s goal could be to damage Apple on the stock exchange with a reduction in the value of its shares following the lawsuit.

At the moment we do not know how the situation will develop, and for sure Apple will have the opportunity to comment on it and react accordingly, while it is quite unlikely that after the outbreak of the lawsuit it will decide to change its policies in order to favor the country.



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