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Russian authorities said they were not going to allocate money to domestic game developers

Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Telecommunications, and Mass Media Maxim Parshin said that the state does not plan to provide financial support to domestic game developers.


According to him, the state will fill only the “gray zones” of the industry, and the rest should fall on the shoulders of the companies themselves. Such “gray zones”, according to Parshin, are less than 10% – this is a segment that has no analogues in the Russian market yet.

It makes sense to fill some things, gray areas with public investment, but these are exceptions and very specific projects related, for example, to simulators. Everything else is a market and investments here should not be state-owned. We proceed from the fact that there is money on the market, there are projects, and there are developers. That is, there is everything to ensure that projects develop not at the expense of state investments.

Parshin also said that the state had never entered the gaming industry before, with the exception of a certain bank loan in the amount of 400 million rubles for one developer.

The head of the IRI, Aleksey Goreslavsky, in turn, noted that the authorities nevertheless provided support. He stated that over the past year, 960 million rubles were invested in the industry through the IRI. In particular, the department invested 260 million rubles in the development of Troubles to build mechanics and the engine, and another 230 million for content.

According to experts, the volume of the Russian gaming market in 2021 was 150-180 billion rubles. At the end of 2022, it decreased by 35-45%.


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