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Russian manufacturer Aquarius has begun work on a mobile OS based on AOSP

Sources told Kommersant that the Russian manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and computers Aquarius has begun developing a mobile operating system based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project).


The upcoming OS will be installed on Aquarius smartphones and tablets for sale in the government, corporate and consumer segments. It is also planned to include the OS in the software register of the Ministry of Digital Development in order to receive preferences in government procurement.

Representatives of the Ministry of Digital Development said that they had not received any applications from Aquarius to register the OS, but if the system appears and passes the examination, it will be included in the register.

Kommersant’s interlocutor among mobile OS developers notes that the registry already has an Android-based operating system from Kernel and Red Soft. Experts note that using smartphones with AOSP OS can be dangerous, since “the code is owned and controlled by the American Google and may have software bookmarks.”

Another Kommersant source notes that creating your own mobile OS based on Android “does not take much time or money.” Thus, according to him, ordering an AOSP assembly without Google services from Chinese partners may require only about 1 million rubles, and the work period will be three months.

Independent work will require six months and 10 million rubles. At the same time, the Fplus IT holding believes that it is now inappropriate to make your own OS, since there are enough registered systems in the registry.



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