Salt is bad and reduces life expectancy


Consuming salt can affect a person’s life expectancy. The team of experts led by Professor Lu Qi of Tulane University in New Orleans, in the United States, has given a certain answer. The study involved 501,379 people. Participants filled out a form to certify how much salt they added to their dishes. The researchers followed these people for nine years.

The aim was to understand the influence that the use of salt can have on general life expectancy . It can be attributable to the risk of premature death, before the age of 75. Salt is bad, that’s the truth. The more it is used, the more the risk of mortality increases. It is necessary to evaluate the cooking salt, what is added to the dishes to flavor them in the dish and its quantity already contained in the foods purchased.

The list would be long, starting with bread, passing from pizza to canned foods and sausages and cheeses. Those who over-season their dish have a 28% greater risk of premature death. On the other hand, those who use it moderately can guarantee their body well-being and a lower risk of death and serious diseases. The trick is in the habit . If your palate gets used to salt, then it won’t do without it anymore. If, on the other hand, your taste buds don’t get used to too much salt, it will be easier to take less and less.



  • Salt at the table is bad and reduces life expectancy (


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