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Sam Lake has finished filming his motion capture scenes for the Alan Wake 2 DLC

On March 12, Sam Lake, lead writer for the Alan Wake series and other games published by Remedy, tweeted that he had finished filming his scenes for the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC.



The developer tweeted :


Get into T-pose! For me as an actor, Alan Wake 2 is complete. My final motion capture shoot for the DLC is complete. What a trip it was.

.Reddit users have already started discussing what this could mean. Some have speculated about the character Lake might play, joking whether it’s Sam Lake or Alex Casey.



Regarding DLC for Alan Wake 2, Remedy confirmed to IGN in October 2023 that the game will receive two expansions. The first, titled Night Springs, is expected to release in late spring 2024, although Remedy has stressed that this timeline could change. The second expansion, The Lakehouse, does not yet have a confirmed release window.


Based on the information provided, both expansions seem to focus on short stories featuring characters from the franchise that tie into the horror game’s main storyline.



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