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Samsung Italy stumbles on the exchange of smartphones, Antitrust opens an investigation


Samsung Italia has ended up in the antitrust crosshairs. The authority disputes an alleged case of misleading practices , with reference to the promotions offered by the company, which make it possible to trade used to buy the new Samsung smartphones “at an advantageous price”.

According to the AGCM, these offers would not be defined in sufficiently clear terms, with the result that the consumer would not be “able to understand that it is a complex process of selling the used product”.

Three companies end up on the ‘ dock ‘ on suspicion of misleading and aggressive practices, in addition to Samsung Electronics Italia also Opia Ltd and World Business Srl

The promotions with which it is possible to sell the old mobile phone at advantageous prices in case of purchase of a new one have ended under the Authority’s lens. According to the Antitrust, however, adequate and clear information would be lacking, so much so that the consumer would not be able to understand that this is an articulated process of selling the used product and that the one indicated represents only a rough estimate.

Furthermore, the Antitrust Authority will assess the way in which the used product is resold: the consumer in fact does not know the sale price and is a third party, or the buyer, who decides the state of use and the price itself.


can be read on the website of the Italian authority.

Yesterday, July 26, the AGCM officials and the Guardia di Finanza carried out inspections at the offices of the companies concerned.


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