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Samsung will most likely change the name of its two leaflets… and it’s Russia’s fault


In a few days, on August 10th, Samsung will present its new generation of smartphones with a folding screen . It now seems increasingly certain that the two devices will have a slightly revised name, in order to avoid unpleasant links with the conflict in Ukraine . He started talking about it four months ago .

Until now, Samsung’s two folding lines have always been called Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold. But now that ‘ Z ‘ has become a bulky brand. It is the same symbol painted on the armored vehicles used by Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. That symbol, so recognizable and omnipresent during the conflict, has meanwhile become a flag of the extreme right who recognize themselves in Vladimir Putin’s imperialism.

Clearly Samsung has absolutely nothing to do with this. But we still live in an age where it’s really quick to pick up a phone and unleash yet another futile online controversy. And so it should not be surprising if a listed multinational decides to take even such a trivial issue very seriously, playing in advance and silencing in the bud any possible accusation of complicity with Russia or insensitivity to the Ukrainian population.

Regardless, it wouldn’t even make much sense for Samsung to use the Z for its branding, since it initially had a precise meaning: it echoed the design of the Galaxy Fold when closed. But now this association doesn’t even exist anymore.

Moral? The next leaflets will almost certainly simply be called Samsung Galaxy Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Flip4 .



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