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Samsung x iFixit: Repair service is available for some Galaxy devices


The company’s commitment to providing customers with sustainable solutions that enable them to support a more circular economy by extending the life of their devices is reinforced by this program, which complements Samsung ‘s ongoing consumer-friendly repair expansions .

Genuine Samsung spare parts for the Galaxy Tab S7 +, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 series are now offered on iFixit , which now sells replacement screens, rear glass and charging ports as standalone components or as part of Fix Kit supplied with everything needed to repair a compatible Galaxy device. The new display kits will include a return label to ship used parts to Samsung, at no cost to the consumer, making it even easier for customers to return used components for ethical recycling.

Samsung also provides customer support options in addition to this, namely:

  • Same-day in-person service: More than 80% of the US population is serviced the same day, just access mobile product repair services in more than 2,000 locations with an average response time of two hours or less
  • Samsung also has more than 550 “We Come To You” vans that provide 30 to 60 minute transportation
  • Inbox service: For all mobile customers who choose to use the inbox service, Samsung offers nationwide coverage in all 50 states
  • Independent Service Providers (ISPs): Samsung’s ISP network provides out of warranty services, same day support, WISE certified facilities, trained technicians and genuine parts
  • Samsung – Automatic Repair Program with iFixit

The original Samsung Galaxy components are currently only available in the US starting August 2, and here are the words of iFixit:

We are trying to expand our product portfolio and offer more complete components. In addition, the original device components and useful, easy-to-use repair tools available through iFixit and Samsung’s service and retail centers in the United States are identical parts, including prices provided to our affiliated repair providers.

  • Samsung self-repair service with iFixit now available for Galaxy Customers (Gizmochina)


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