Scandal in India! Covid-19 vaccine was given to 30 students with the same syringe

In the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, a case of negligence was filed against him after a health worker administered the Covid-19 vaccine to 30 students with the same syringe.

At a school in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, India , Where Covid-19 vaccines were administered to students, health worker Jitendra Rai administered the Covid-19 vaccine to 30 students with the same syringe. The parents noticed the situation and informed the school authorities.


Paramedic Rai said that only 1 syringe was given by the healthcare provider and he followed the orders given to him. Madhya Pradesh State Ministry of Health stated that a negligence case was filed against the paramedic Rai, and an investigation was launched against the health official responsible for sending equipment for Vaccine Administration.

It has been noted that disposable syringes are widely used in India to prevent the spread of deadly diseases such as HIV, and a single syringe was previously reused in hospitals due to equipment shortages. It has been learned that the Ministry of Health of India has made the “one needle, one syringe, only once” protocol mandatory for Covid-19 vaccines and that more than 2.3 billion people have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in India so far.


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