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Sean Bean in the trailer for the detective historical series Shardlake about a hunchback lawyer from Tudor times

The streaming service Disney+ has published a trailer for the series Shardlake, based on the series of novels “Matthew Shardlake” by British writer Christopher John Sansom. The show follows the adventures of a hunchbacked lawyer who lives in 16th-century England and is forced to investigate various crimes on the orders of Lord Cromwell.


The first season of Shardlake will consist of four episodes, and its plot is based on the first novel in the series. Here’s its synopsis:

Matthew Sharldlake is the king’s envoy, and his powers give him access to all the monastery secrets. The Monastery of St. Donatus is the most ordinary, and tomorrow, when they look around here, it will no longer seem frightening and mysterious to them. Lord Cromwell expects that the results of the investigation will be presented to him very soon. But Matthew is not at all sure that he will be able to quickly unravel this case. Having gone here, he hoped… without knowing what, he imagined that among the monks there would be an obsessed fanatic who would already be taken into custody by the time they arrived. Or, at the very least, they will immediately discover irrefutable evidence that will identify the attacker. But it’s not that simple.

The main role in the series went to the little-known actor Arthur Hughes, and Sean Bean played Lord Cromwell. Historically, his character should survive the events of the show, but this is Sean Bean…

The show’s release date has not yet been announced.



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