Shock accusation against Ukraine: Civilians are endangered!

While in Ukraine, the Russian occupation has destroyed civilian lives as well as countless military casualties since February 24. While both sides blamed each other on this issue, Russia continued to be the country where the accusations were directed more. However, the latest news in the headlines opened an unexpected window on this issue.

In one incident, at least three people were killed in the Donetsk region when a blast wave that destroyed a base hit a neighboring residential building.


At A School Used As A Base By Ukrainian forces in central Ukraine, schools and kindergartens across Ukraine were bombed because it was used as a base, the commander said.

The commander said schools provide the necessary facilities: showers, multiple toilets, large kitchens, dining areas, basements and rooms.

He said the invasion meant the army had to quickly accommodate the new recruits.

Shock accusation against Ukraine: Civilians are endangered!

Ukrainians boarding the bus in Kramatorsk Public transport is now operational




These examples could be multiplied. And based on these examples, Amnesty International says that Ukraine is endangering civilians with its military bases in residential areas.

The Ukrainian government and international law experts argue that the report ignores wartime realities.

No matter what anyone says, this report is shocking for Ukraine and for the world, because these accusations have always been made for Russia.

In a report, Amnesty International said the Ukrainian military was putting civilians’ lives at risk by settling in residential areas.

Shock accusation against Ukraine: Civilians are endangered!

A Ukrainian soldier whose car was hit by a rocket in Bakhmut


The report was denied by the Ukrainian authorities and the Ukrainian side continued to blame Russia for civilian deaths.

Investigators of the human rights group found that Ukrainian forces use some schools and hospitals as bases, shoot near houses and sometimes live in apartments.

The report concluded that in some cases this meant that Russian forces would respond to an attack or target residential areas, putting civilians at risk and damaging civilian infrastructure.

He also criticized the Ukrainian military for failing to evacuate civilians who could be caught in the crossfire.

“We have documented that Ukrainian forces put civilians at risk and violate the laws of war when operating in populated areas,” said Agnès Callamard, secretary general of Amnesty International.

However, Oksana Pokalchuk, head of the Ukraine office of Amnesty International, wrote on Facebook that her operation disagreed with the report.

Shock accusation against Ukraine: Civilians are endangered!


He said that when they filed a complaint that the report was based on incomplete evidence compiled by their foreign colleagues, they were removed from the pre-release process of the report.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar accused Amnesty International of “distorting the real picture” and failing to understand the situation on the ground. He said Ukrainian troops were deployed in cities and populated areas to protect them from Russian attack.

“There is no chronology of events in the report. The Russian Federation is committing the crime here. Ukraine, on the other hand, protects its territory. Moscow ignores all the rules of war. And unlike Ukraine, it does not allow international organizations like Amnesty International.”

Speaking at a briefing in Kiev, Maliar emphasized that the Ukrainian armed forces are taking buses to evacuate civilians from the front. Some refused to go despite repeated requests and offers of transport to safer areas.

Shock accusation against Ukraine: Civilians are endangered!

A Ukrainian woman protesting a recent attack in which the soldiers of the Azov battalion, who were held captive, were killed


Ukraine has gained access to external institutions, including the international criminal court, and said it is conducting its own investigations into abuses committed by its troops.

“Any attempt to question the right of Ukrainians to resist genocide and protect their families and homes is heresy,” said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov, and presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak said, “The only thing that poses a threat to Ukraine.” It is a Russian army of executioners and rapists who came to Ukraine to commit genocide.”


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