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Silent Hills: PT turns 8, Hideo Kojima remembers the genesis of the project


PT turns 8. Silent Hills  ‘ iconic Playable Teaser launched on PlayStation Store on August 12, 2014, serving as a prelude to a horror experience that promised to be unprecedented. Its author, Hideo Kojima recalls the birth of PT on Twitter, also revealing some curious background on the project.

PT was announced and released in secret during Gamescom in Cologne eight years ago, ”wrote the Japanese game designer. “We estimated it would take  about two months  to complete the game, as we had introduced multi-level mechanisms that could only be solved through the collaboration of many users.”

Instead the mystery was revealed in  just two days , so I remember being asked about PT on the Gamescom stage, in Geoff’s show, and I answered feeling a little bit of a failure.

The cancellation of Silent Hills , which took place in 2015 due to a diatribe between Konami and Hideo Kojima, still remains an open wound for millions of gamers and fans of the series who saw in Kojima’s project a possibility of change for the entire saga. Even Guillermo del Toro, who, as you well remember collaborated in the creation of the game, recalled the project by sharing kojima’s tweet with the initials “FK” on social networks, two letters that sound just like an unfriendly message towards Konami.

We remind you that currently Hideo Kojima, as well as on the sequel to Death Stranding , is also working on a new title in development for the Xbox consoles that will exploit Microsoft’s Cloud technology. According to recent rumors it would be a horror.


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