Single Chinese men have started wearing makeup to increase their chances of finding a match during the Lunar New Year dating season.

More young men in China are wearing makeup before dates to increase their chances of impressing a potential date.



As Toutiao News reports, the younger generation of men have begun to pay more attention to their appearance and are showing a growing interest in dressing up and putting on makeup ahead of dates.


With the Lunar New Year being a popular time for dating, the demand for men’s beauty services has skyrocketed. For example, Xiaodan, a makeup artist from Sichuan province in southwest China, said consultation fees have jumped to almost 200 yuan ($28) from 60 yuan at other times of the year.



She said the service has become popular in both rural areas and cities, including her hometown in southeastern Jiangxi province, where older family members arrange more than one blind match a day for unmarried men.


Who doesn’t want to make a good first impression? Today, more and more men are enjoying makeup.


Over the Lunar New Year holiday, my men’s pre-date makeup appointments are completely booked up. I will see at least two clients a day.


Another makeup artist, Coco, from Guangdong Province in southeast China, also has a busy schedule. She had 36 male clients in the last month.


Coco says men tend to focus on their complexion and eyebrows, while some also want to change their hairstyle. She said that many people told her that they were unable to impress women on blind dates, so they turned to her for help in improving their appearance in the hope that it would help.


“Makeup can boost their confidence,” says Coco. She spoke about one client, 31-year-old Vanya, who was referred to her by a friend because he had little knowledge of clothes and hairstyles. After getting a haircut for 168 yuan ($24), he was very pleased.


The trend has divided opinion on Chinese social media.


“I think this is good. It shows that men are starting to respect their dating partners,” one user wrote.


“Will they wear makeup later when they have a second date or more?” – asked another.


According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there were 240 million single people in China in 2018, and the number of single men aged 20 to 49 significantly exceeded the number of single women in the same age group.


The number of people getting married fell to 6.83 million in 2022, down about 803,000 compared with 2021, according to China’s 2022 annual statistics.


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