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Skyrim mod allows you to follow NPCs at their speed

While many of us consider Skyrim to be one of the greatest RPGs of all time, there’s no denying that Bethesda’s original version had a ton of flaws. And that’s why modders are always working to make sure the aging Bethesda icon stays relevant.



This mod is particularly simple but effective. Developer wSkeever recently uploaded the Simplicity of Stalking – Automatically Follow NPCs mod – as the name suggests, it gives you the ability to follow a character in Skyrim without having to do that awkward running/walking next to them to keep up.

As the video above shows, simply targeting a character and activating the “Follow” option will cause you to walk several steps behind them. The instructions say that to stop following, just press “any movement or attack buttons.”



You will also need to download a few more mods for your game before you can use this one. Then you are ready to use. In fact, Dovahkiin can now follow people at a comfortable speed, and this also works through loading screens.


Finally, in Skyrime you can become a stalker and study the daily schedule of NPCs at a comfortable speed.


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