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Smartphone market, fourth quarter in a row: global sales at -7%


The smartphone market is in deep pain. The latest bulletin presented by the Strategy Analytics institute denounces this. The problems affect all international markets indiscriminately.

During the second quarter of 2022, global sales fell 7% year-on-year. Manufacturers have sold 291 million units worldwide.

The market share remains virtually unchanged. Samsung , with 22% of the shares, continues to be the first manufacturer in the world. Apple follows , with 16%, and then Xiaomi . In fourth and fifth place we find Oppo and Vivo . Overall, Samsung has sold 62.5 million smartphones, while Apple has sold 47.5 million. Sales of Xiaomi are down, less than 25%, but also those of Oppo (-26.1%).

There are no signs of recovery. The smartphone market has been in decline for the fourth consecutive quarter. Once again, Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have something to do with it, but it is now clear that the two events were more of a detonator than anything else. The global economy faces the risk of a major recession. The purchasing power of consumers is weakened almost everywhere. And of course this translates into less demand for the purchase of new smartphones. More generally, the demand for all those products that Linda Su, Senior Director of Strategy Analytics , defines as “non-essential” is decreasing.


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