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Snapchat: New features for the family


While the new in-app tool will provide parents with information about their children, the contents of their conversations will remain secret. It’s a feature designed specifically by Snap for Snapchat and reflects how parents interact with their kids in real life, where parents usually know who their kids are friends with and when they’re around, but don’t eavesdrop on theirs. private conversations.

One feature that isn’t available yet but will be added in a future update is a new option that will allow parents to view any new friends their kids have added in Snapchat . Additionally, the Family Center will allow parents to report any accounts that may be relevant directly to Snap’s Trust and Safety teams .

Additionally, additional resources will be available for parents and teens using Family Center, which will help them have open conversations about online safety.

Last but not least, Snap announced that more features will be added to the Family Center this fall , including new content controls for parents and the ability for teens to notify their parents when they report an account or content via Snapchat. These tools will have the enormous potential to make the online lives of minors safer, who are always and constantly at risk when browsing social networks.




  • Snapchat launches family control portal, new features incoming (PhoneArena)


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