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Sony has relaunched the Spider-Man spin-off about Silk: now the series will be aimed more at a male audience

According to a report by the information portal The Ankler, Sony Pictures Television has decided to start work on the Silk: Spider Society series, which was announced back in 2018, from scratch. Only showrunner Angela Kang will remain on the project, while all other writers will be fired and replaced by a new creative team.



It is also reported that the show will change its concept and now the series will be aimed at an all-male audience, in order to attract viewers who watch Reacher and Jack Ryan. According to the source, some of the episodes were already ready, but now they will be radically reworked.


Let us recall that in November last year, the American Screenwriters Union issued an appeal to Amazon, threatening legal action, since, despite the end of the strike, the major continues to block the development of several series, including the above-mentioned series “Silk”.



In addition, this is not the only spin-off that Sony is preparing in the Spider-Man universe. Nicolas Cage is rumored to star in Spider-Man Noir, also being produced by Amazon.


Oren Uziel (“Macho Man and Geek 2” and “The Cloverfield Paradox”) is listed as the writer and executive producer of the series. Uziel will develop the show with Phil Lord and Chris Miller (producers of the animated film Spider-Man: Web of Spider-Verse) and Amy Pascal (producer of Spider-Man: No Way Home).


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